BT Sues Google Over Mass Patent Infringement, for Android and Other Services

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bt sues google over android

Android has been hit with fresh litigation after British Telecom filed a lawsuit against Google for patent infringement. British Telecom is suing Google for billions of dollars in damages after claiming that the Android mobile operating system infringes a number of its key patents.

BT sues Google, the suit, filed with a U.S. District Court in Delaware, claims that a wide array of Google’s services violate a patent held by the telecoms, affecting Google Maps, Places, Offers, Music, Location-based advertising, Google+, and of course Android along with the Android Market.

Google is already facing patent infringement actions from Apple, Oracle, Microsoft and eBay. That is just the litigation from companies with market capitalizations running into the tens of billions of dollars.

A Google representative rejected BT’s assertions, saying: “We believe these claims are without merit, and we will defend vigorously against them.”

For a complete explanation of BT’s claims regarding each of the six patents in question, check out FOSS Patents’ post on the subject here.

At the moment however the proceedings have just begun and will continue for some time but as soon as we know any more you’ll know.

Should Google be worried about the growing number of legal challengers it is facing? Do you think Android is being unfairly targeted by patent infringement lawsuits? Let Techsnapr know your thoughts in the comments section below.