ASUS Confirms; Windows 8 ARM Tablet, 3G Transformer Prime, New 7-inch Eee Memo Pad and 10-inch Tablet

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ASUS Windows 8 Tablet

ASUS seems to be very excited for CES event as just one day before CES 2012 event they broke their silence at a presentation in Taiwan, and for the first time confirmed that they will be manufacturing Windows 8 powered ARM tablet in this year. At CES 2012, Lenovo and Acer are also going to show off their Windows 8 plans, which expected to be release later this year.


The ASUS Company should also have two new tablets to show off at CES, likely a 7-inch device—likely the ASUS Eee Memo Pad—along with a new 10-inch model with a high-resolution screen. It is unknown whether 10-inch model will be a totally new model or an upgrade of the Transformer Prime (to 3G version).

Even more intriguing—and fortunate for those who didn’t throw down some greens for the Transformer Prime this Christmas season—the company has officially announced that the Transformer Prime would be getting a 3G variant. Addressing early adopters’ user complaints of weak GPS, it’ll come with a more powerful GPS module. Expect the new ASUS Transformer Prime 3G slate to be released to the public this March.

We’ll get a better sense of how well they’re managing in the upcoming months, but 2012 is certainly shaping up to be an interesting year for the PC and tablet maker along with CES event.

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    Any updates on Windows 3G ASUS tablet/pad?