Sony (Ericsson) Windows Phone Prototype Spotted in Another Set of Images

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A few days ago, Sony Ericsson (now just Sony) has stated that the company is not working on a Windows Phone product. A recent leak of a Sony (Ericsson) design speaks otherwise, and shows a usual Sony (Ericsson) hardware design running Windows Phone.

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone Prototype

Where Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype leaked (Image shown above), showed the handset from several different angles and exposed its sliding QWERTY keyboard, it looked to be a device code-named “Julie”, a 4″ QWERTY slider that was believed to have been canceled in 2010 after SE pulled out from Windows Phone development.

Sony Windows Phone

Now again it looks like, new manufacture could be lining up to enter the realm of Windows Phone in the not so distant future. Today, a picture of a leaked prototype Sony Ericsson Windows Phone hit the web. Looking at these new images, we are confident in saying that this is the old prototype and it is not Mango. Evidence comes from the Windows Phone boot screen, which is clearly the pre-Mango era logo as well as the old Xbox LIVE and Internet Explore tiles on the Start screen.

Sony (Ericsson) Windows Phone Prototype

We can’t really say if this is just an old prototype (the fact that it is running an old version of Windows Phone speaks for this), or something that the company is aiming to push to the market. If it is the latter, we could hear more of it at MWC next month.

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