Aakash Tablet Expected Soon to be Free for all Students

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Aakash Tablet for Free

At a recent event India’s Minister of HRD (Human Resource Development) Kapil Sibal revealed the Indian Government’s plans. Mr. Sibal said that the student and education-based government subsidized Aakash tablet might soon become free for students, according to a report.

Kapil Sibal also said that the Government has agreed on plans to involve IIT Kanpur, IIT Madras and IIT Mumbai in building the Aakash tablet. Currently, IIT Rajasthan is handling the tablet’s research and development. The addition of the other two IIT firms will hopefully help lower the price of the device.

According to the Economic Times, as of now, a number of the tablet’s components are outsourced. The Government plans to make Aakash 90% Indian.

He specified that the tablet costing Rs.1,500 would get a 50% Government subsidy of Rs. 750 and the remaining cost will be covered by the educational institution (to the other half of price) that the students belong to. Now it all depends on the educational institutions as to how much cost they can cover. While students can currently get this $60 dollar tablets subsidized by the government for just $35 dollars a new plan is aiming much lower for every student.

Low-Cost Android Aakash Tablet was made with the aim to bridge the technological divide in the nation by bringing IT to every student at an affordable price. The Government is hoping to fulfill its goal by building an additional 22 Crore units of the tablet for distribution across the country.