Apple; iPad 3 to be Called iPad HD, New 7.85 inch iPad and 8GB iPad 2 on the Way [Rumor]

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It’s that magical time of year, when everyone expects a new iPad to be right around the corner. As always with every new announcement from Apple we get a bunch of rumors, here again we’re hearing a lot, which include following:

iPad 3 to be Called iPad HD: A recent rumored report suggests, Apple’s next-generation iPad tablet will be named the “iPad HD”. The new iPad tablet is expected to have features like the retina display, which will mean a higher resolution (2,048 x 1,536 pixels), in this way it makes sense of Apple calling it iPad HD. There is information circulating from two of the most important accessories manufacturers Griffin and Belkin. This leak of information is a list of accessories for a so called “iPad HD”, which report you can see below.

iPad HD Inventory Leak

In case you forgot, the new iPad is expected to feature a quad-core Apple A6 processor, 4G LTE connectivity, a slightly thicker aluminum case and an updated version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 5.1.

7.85 inch iPad

New 7.85-inch iPad in Works: According to another report comes from Digitimes claims that Apple has a smaller iPad in the works, the iPad mini, which is rumored to feature a 7.85 inch display and will apparently retail for around $300. This iPad mini will launch in the Q3 of 2012. This is not the first time we have heard rumblings. The rumor of iPad mini with same features has been floating around for years, and recently new rumors have joined them.

8GB iPad 2 Version

8GB Version of iPad 2: Apple, however, will launch 16GB and 32GB version of new iPad 3, it may also continue to sell the iPad 2 alongside the new iPad, with a new 8GB iPad 2, which might be priced somewhere in the $350-$400 range, according to new report.

However, I suggest you to take all of these with the usual large piles of salt grains. We’ll come to know more in awhile, as Apple will reveal its plans for the iPad 3 at an event on March 7, not much longer to wait now and hopefully it will bring an end to the incessant rumors. Stay tuned.