iPad Mini – What To Know?

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iPad Mini with New iPad and iPhone 5

This might be the first time that Apple is releasing a product that doubts about its ability are already being expressed. Though many have been talking plenty about the now-mysterious iPad Mini, there is a lot of doubt circulating about its expected performance and capabilities. After the following points are made, it should be clear that the Mini really isn’t meant to be anything that special, but rather an accessible gadget for those who want to experience Apple without having to put too much down to get it.

It Will Come in 16 Different Versions

It turns out that the selection for the iPad Mini isn’t so small after all. A lot of the talk this week is already revolving around reports that sixteen varying versions of the Mini will be available. According to Venture Beat, which got a screenshot from some German blog, revealed the various combinations that the Mini will come in.

I will not list every single one here, but I can give some of the ranges. For one, expect storage sizes that range from 8 to 64 GB. Also, it looks like the options will come in either black or white, as well as either cellular or WiFi. The cellular versions will of course be more expensive. This is okay though considering the rough rumors going around last week about how the iPad Mini was going to be completely WiFi, but such rumors were taken with a grain of salt from the beginning.

Since it is the Mini, and has to maintain that name, all versions of the iPad Mini will come in at a size of 7.85 inches.

Price Could Start at $249

Alright, so maybe the basic iPad Mini may not be just as accessible in price as some had hoped for. This information is coming from that same German blogger, and although not everyone is taking it completely seriously, it does offer some clues. The 8GB/WiFi only Mini could be starting at $249, which would immediately place it in the higher price tier when it comes to similar gadgets. It looks like the highest 64GB Mini will be close to $650, at which point people would just be paying for the smaller size, if they really care about the ease in mobility. I honestly don’t see many people going after that though.

Lack of Difference

Going off of that previous comment about wanting to just pay for size, this really is the primary difference with the Mini. It is this very fact that makes me (and I am far from the only one) wonder just why there is so much hype surrounding the Mini. Will people really see that much value in getting a smaller iPad?

Since it is Apple, people will immediately run for it, and probably overlook the equivalent offerings that come from both Google and Amazon (yeah, that’s right, I said it). So really, if you’re going to put a lot of time in waiting for the iPad Mini to come out, and pay the rumored prices, you might want to weigh out your options a little bit further.

The iPad Mini Could Be Officially Announced October 23rd

As you know, Apple really likes to mess with us, yet we all find ourselves running to them at every opportunity. They won’t even claim that an iPad Mini is in production right now until an announcement that is expected to happen next Monday according to The Examiner and many other sources. Maybe then we can all rest more easily.

Author Bio: This post has been authored by Kevin Abrahms. He is a tech blogger who keeps track of new releases from Apple, as well as Google developments. He is also a provider of information for TV in New York.