iPhone5 Unlocked on Sale in USA, No Dice for CDMA Networks

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iPhone5 Unlocked Sale

After making its way to Asian shores, the Apple’s Unlocked iPhone5 model is now up for grabs in the USA starting today.

The iPhone5 Unlocked (GSM) model’s prices starts at $650 for the 16GB variant, while the 32GB and 64GB versions will run you back $750 and $850, respectively.

The GSM device can be snapped up off-contract; wherein it will work on GSM, HSPA+ and LTE networks — though do note that you will need a nano-SIM card to get started with your beloved iOS. Furthermore, there’s no CDMA support, so no dice for Verizon or Sprint subscribers. If you’ve been pondering whether to snap up the unlocked one, go here for your purchasing pleasure.

On the other hand, the unlocked version of iPhone5 can also be grabbed in Canada through Apple’s retail stores starting today.