Surface Book Rumored alongside Surface2 tablet

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Surface Book and Surface2 Tablet Rumor:

The MSNerd, a person that needs no introduction in the world of Microsoft, has just published a tweet regards Microsoft’s future plans; wherein a new Surface Book has been mentioned along with upcoming Surface2 tablet (screenshot above).

Surface Book

First of all, the rumored Microsoft Surface Book by Microsoft is rumored to pack a 14.6-inch display as well as an Intel Haswell chip—which is a low power consumption (at 22 nm) successor to Ivy Bridge processor. However, at 14-inches it rather sounds to be a laptop/Ultrabook. So as usual, take this rumor with a pinch of salt.

Next Surface 2 tablet

Moving on, the other rumored product from Microsoft is being dubbed as Surface2 Windows tablet—which might be a successor to the Surface slate, indeed. While the 8.6-inch RT version of the 2nd-gen tablet is rumored to feature a Snapdragon processor, the next-gen Pro model might house a Temash X86 AMD processor, according to rumor.

Surface2 tablet

We’ll defiantly keep an ear out for additional details on the matter. Stay tuned.