Beautiful Widgets 5 Hits Play Store, Brings Jelly Bean Support

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Beautiful Widgets 5

LevelUp Studio has just released the fifth version of its popular Beautiful Widgets. Bringing a visual refresh to many widgets and apps, the new Beautiful Widgets 5 version also includes a new forecast app and theme store; wherein users will be indulged with endless widget customizations to be had.

Moreover, now that the latest version of Android is hot on the streak, it’s not like we need to tell you that users will be immersed in the goodies of Jelly Bean, including rich notifications, as well as Android v4.2 features like lock screen widgets and new “Daydreams.”

Hit the break for your downloading pleasure at the source link — and make sure you won’t be itching to fork out $2.39 (£1.90 or INR 140) bucks, so far.

Source: Google Play Store