Galaxy S3 mini with NFC support launching on Jan 30 for £270 or up

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Galaxy S3 mini NFC

In a press release this morning, Samsung revealed that the company will launch an improved version of its Galaxy S3 mini Smartphone. The new model will include support for Near Field Communications (NFC). With integration of S-Beam, the new feature will allow users to share content, instantly, upto 10MB just by tapping another S Beam-enabled device — despite the lack of WiFi or cellular signal.

The NFC-enabled Galaxy S3 mini, initially, will be launched in UK on January 30 across all major carriers and retailers. Though, pricing of the new unit yet has to be announced officially, we’re told that it will cost around £270-300 offline. Meanwhile, other features and specs remain the same. We’ll do a follow-up post, stay tuned.

Source: Samsung