6 Best Android Apps You Must Have in 2013

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Along with a new year another spectacular round of cool, interesting, useful and just plain fun apps comes to choose from. Just when it looked like there wasn’t any more room for new and innovative development, along comes some of the most helpful and powerful apps ever, and it’s all about Android — hey this is what you came for, right? Here is a round-up of the top Android apps you can download now.

1. MediaFire: Expand Your Capacity with Cloud Storage

MediaFire for Android

This app and the service are free to Android users. It allows you to store and access up to 50 GB of files in their cloud storage. This is a great way to keep up with important business or personal documents, photos, videos and more.

2. Weather Channel App: Never Be Caught by Surprise

The Weather Channel for Android

If you haven’t given in and downloaded this free app yet, it’s time. This app lets you quickly and easily enter in any city, town or zip code where you want up to date, accurate weather forecasts for. It also indicates if there are any severe weather warnings in your chosen location, see hourly forecasts and extend the forecast to 10 days. It’s accurate up to the minute.

3. Mint.com Personal Finance: Never Be Out of the Loop

Mint Personal Finance

This free app works like a digital bank on Android smartphones and tablets, and even on big hybrid devices that function as a laptop and tablet. It lets users manage their accounts, track multiple accounts at one time and even helps with budgeting. Other features of the app help you track spending so you can see where the money goes. It works for both business and personal accounts.

4. aWallet Password Manager: Keep Your Information Protected

aWallet Password Manager

Tired of trying to remember all those dizzying passwords? Password Wallet has the answer, hiding all your passwords behind a single PIN with 256 bit encryption. It has attractive features like floating window signs over homescreen to make it easier to copy and allows you to sync with the cloud. The app also has a stealth mode and allows for any kind of information entries.

5. Chrome Beta: Bring Chrome’s Functionality to Mobile

Chrome for Android

Though Chrome for Android still isn’t as jam-packed with features as its desktop counterpart, it does have some features it lacked before. If you’re interested in helping Google build a better Android browser product for the future, you can download Chrome Beta and get started now.

6. Tapatalk HD: Share Your Opinions and Be Heard

Tapatalk HD

For those of us who live on forums, Tapatalk is a must have app. Designed to suit the Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean systems, it offers a full tablet experience. With this app, you can easily find new forum discussions by photos and use the gallery view for larger forums. When you subscribe to a subject, the app allows for push button notifications. You can private message, see all the likes you’ve received and easily view when and where you’ve been mentioned.

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What’s your must have app for 2013?

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