Microsoft to unveil smartwatch, Report says

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Microsoft Smartwatch

According to Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is working on a touch-enabled smartwatch to join Apple, Samsung and LG in the race. If the reports are true, Microsoft has been in touch with an undisclosed number of suppliers who have apparently been tasked with delivering components for a smartwatch-like device that supports touch input.

Microsoft actually tried to get into the watch game in the early 2000s with its Smart Personal Objects Technology initiative. Those devices used radio waves to get some basic data such as weather report, etc, Later; Microsoft discontinued the platform due to poor adoption by consumers.

Hardware specifics of Microsoft’s smart watch weren’t shared by the Wall Street Journal, except that it would be contained within a 1.5-inch display. There’s no estimated time of arrival or specific price pointed provided.

Rumors of an industry-wide race to build a modern smartwatch have kept speculation high on the future of intelligent timekeeping. South Korean giant Samsung confirmed its plans to develop a smart watch earlier this year, while Apple and Google are also rumored to do the same.